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36.000 € Paper Art Award


1.   16.000,- €

2.   12.000,- €

3.     8.000,- €


Haus des Papiers

Haus des Papiers (House of Paper) is a place that aims to enhance the positive public awareness of paper as material in the field of Fine Arts. It is to become a center for knowledge on paper, paper art, and printing technologies. A central piece in a network build for all questions, crafts, and contacts in terms of paper.

From an art award to a museum for paper art.

In 2017, the Fine Art print manufactory d’mage founded a residency program Paper Residency ! in order to bring a bigger awareness of paper art into the art market. From the beginning, we have been supported and accompanied by our cooperating partners Hahnemühle and Canon.

In the Residencies, numerous astonishing paper art works were created.

In 2020, we proudly presented them at the art fair paper positions berlin. At the same time, there has been a growing desire to establish a prestigious and endowed award, and to create

a special place which, from now on, will be

Haus des Papiers.


The PAPER ART AWARD will be given out for the first time on August 19, 2021 and then annually

at the paper art fair paper positions berlin. The works by the awarded artists will be purchased for the Haus des Papiers museum collection.

Haus des Papiers is not only a paper art museum dedicated to artworks created around the medium of paper. It is further highly committed to all technical and artistic crafts and expertise

on paper. Together with our long-time partner companies Hahnemühle and Canon,

and now also with the founders of  paper positions berlin, we are working on expanding this paper-network.

 We are creating an Europe-wide center for all knowledge in terms of paper as material, paper manufacture, paper art, and printing technologies. An international home for paper.

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