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Award for outstanding positions in contemporary paper art.

For as long as paper has existed, people have had a fascination and emotional connection to this material. Fragility

and strength at the same time. A basis for a line to be drawn, or a working material in its own. From the creative idea

to the artistic process to the brutal transition of the aggregate state: The possibilities are endless.

No other material in art is as sensuous, in-the-moment, and versatile as paper.

Let us build it a house. And let us honor it with an award.

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paper manufactory

since 1584


FineArt Print manufactory,

network and initiator

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global player photo, film, printing technologies


summer Residencies

for paper art

Award Ceremony August 19, 2021

at Germany’s leading art fair for works

on, with, and about paper

paper positions berlin, August 19–22, 2021

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Paper Art Award 2023

Dieses Jahr wird der Paper Art Award am 27.04. um 19:30 Uhr auf der paper positions berlin vergeben.

Im Anschluss werden die Preisträger:innen 2023 auch auf dieser Website verkündet.


Jan Wölfle

CEO at Hahnemühle.

"Hahnemühle paper inspires artists all over the world. We are now pooling our expertise as a manufacturer of the finest media with two strong partners. Together with the international camera and printer manufacturer Canon and the Hahnemühle Certified Studio d'mage Berlin, we are launching a new excellence award in Berlin's international art scene. Paper in its diverse, yet unique form will be the central element of the competition. We are excited and looking forward to this international project.


Ul Vohrer

Founder and und owner of d’mage, d’mage-light, Paper Residency ! and Haus des Papiers.

"The PAPER ART AWARD is an important and long overdue award for paper art, focusing on one of the most beautiful materials. I am excited to be part of a story that has only just begun.


Wilko van Oostrum

Product Business Developer

imagePROGRAF at Canon.

"There is an immense difference between a digital image seen on the monitor and a photo printout made on high quality paper: The paper image is alive, it can be touched, tells you a story, and is the creative base for the message in the image. A print is therefore significantly more than the sum of image and paper. The PAPER ART AWARD reflects exactly that. After the Canon printing workshop and Paper Residency!, we now look forward to opening the next exciting chapter together with d’mage and Hahnemühle.

A picture printed on paper is

something wonderful.






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